In 2000 I wrote a series of books about a girl who becomes entangled with vampires. Vampires!? I couldn't pay my dog to read them.

So I followed my second passion, education and for over a decade I helped teenagers build confidence, realize their potential, and get into college.

When I had my own children, I decided to go back to writing. People always ask what it's like being a writer. I like to say it's independent until it's collaborative. A lot of my clients enjoy riffing and building a concept together, while others know exactly what they want and are looking for a wordsmith to execute their vision. I enjoy both aspects.

I studied Philosophy & Religion in college so I was always going to be a writer, a teacher or a taxi driver. As a writer I don't get summers off or a cool beaded seat cushion, but I still drive too fast and refuse to take myself too seriously. I believe it's those very qualities that allow my writing to have a warmth and vitality that rises to the surface even in my most staid projects.