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Writing, Educating, Communicating, and Collaborating

How I write

I've worked in education for the past 15 years so I approach all things with an omnipresent eye for what's being absorbed.

People crave community. Our interests and passions are translated into meaningful experiences, which in turn connects us to the world we live in. When I write I think about the world my reader lives in. What does that reader crave? How do I make my words resonate with him?


I like creating an identity that specifically applies to the project I'm writing for, but is at the same time universal in today's global community - a  voice that stands out amongst the noise.


I'm responsible, thoughtfully creative, and a true team player. I've never missed a deadline and I've never had a client not ask me to write for them again. I also love bad romantic comedies, bad movies in general, science fiction/fantasy, and Project Runway. It's embarrassing.